ChillinIT – When Words Fail, Music Speaks pt.II

ChillinIT sharing something special for us.

With his 13 track album about to drop, filled with high energy, filthy bass and some of the best intricate wordplay, he wanted to peel it back and bring you a different side, the last line gives me goosebumps every time..

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Wish I could this back to the start of us,
cos when we argue Im driftin like Maseratis does,
The hardest part, know that I’m ignorant and my heart is fucked,
Karmas come, now I’m just missin you while I spark a blunt.
We never text at all, she still rejecting calls
Tension, attention to the pressure and the stress I caused,
So please protect me lord,
I think I’m sinkin deeper slowly to the reaper and its seemin that I’m set to fall,
Cos all my selfish ways could wreck you and affect your thoughts,
Iv been neglecting self to focus on protecting yours,
See I want better thoughts, I best reflect and pause,
For seconds where I let the seconds go because the stress is more, then I can take..
I think I’m dying but my souls awake.
She cries the threats of suicide upon my shoulder blades,
But how the fuck am I the one to take this all away,
If all I did is walk on by and leave ya there to cause the pain.

The spliff and the erb, lost her for a bitch and a girl,
This gift is a curse, is witty how I’m quick with my words,
You see this 30 minute 3 some means the end of my world.
But I flirt, when I’m in the roads just like a a rental for hertz,
And it hurts her !!

She knows I only sorta change,
The same impulses hit my pulses and it’s all the same.
I’m such a fuck up im disgusting man that’s all I say.
But all i wanted was wife i swear that it’s all I pray.

But that’s a contradiction, so this ain’t right for you,
I’m such a constant dick head, I still can’t I lie to you.
we might be broke just for the minute, but I’ll provide for you.
And ride for you, literally Bonnie and clyde die for you.
Get Hugh with you, like I don’t give a fuck for my health,
How can a man love his girl if he aint lovin himself.
And it’s real….
Don’t give a fuck for my health
How can a man love his girl if he ain’t lovin himself.

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